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Historic Scotland Campus Auction

June 28, 2023

The Scotland Campus at 3583 Scotland Rd was created after the Civil War as a school for orphans whose fathers were lost as a result of the war.

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. June 28, 2023 — The campus auction will take place on site at 12pm Thursday, July 27th.  Williams & Williams, a nationwide leader for commercial real estate auctions will conduct the online auction. Bidding will be open at 10am Monday July 25 and close Wednesday July 27

The sprawling, 169-ac campus at 3538 Scotland Rd. was originally built to house and educate children whose military fathers died from war or disease. It eventually because a private prep school and most recently, an athletics-oriented school. The seller of the campus is not the former operator of the school.

The campus contains 75 buildings that include classrooms, a dining hall, gymnasiums, dorms and 40 duplex cottages. “About 75% of the campus is move-in ready condition, but there are buildings that will need repairs,” said Danae Hill, Vice President of Operations at Williams & Williams. “There is also plenty of open space for campus expansion if a new owner requires that.”

Hill said the market for private school campuses is strong, but a new owner could repurpose the property for other uses, including creating a resort or a retirement community. “Existing amenities such as the fully equipped and furnished 20,000 sf commercial kitchen, and an outdoor amphitheater would be appealing for a school or other commercial opportunities,” she said.

Prospective buyers should attend the upcoming inspection July 6 & 7. Call 918.362.6565 or email to schedule an appointment. Photos and terms of sale can be found at An extensive due diligence package is available. Please call 800.801.8003 to request access to the data vault.


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